Technician Training Resources

Somewhere in your quality manual is a description of how you ensure that your lab personnel are trained to perform tests. It probably sounds pretty sophisticated. The reality may be less glamorous however. Maybe the lab manager, already stretched for time, doesn’t have the time to sufficiently train staff to the level of proficiency that he would like to. Maybe training gets delegated to a newer, less competent technician who thinks he is being helpful passing along all the “shortcuts” he has learned to complete the test.

What resources are available to assist us in technician training? Let’s outline them below:


AASHTO TC3 stands for

ASTM eLearning Construction Training


AASHTO re:university

Part of AASHTO re:source that provides...


National Ready Mix Concrete Association "Concete in Practice" series of brochures provide...


ACI online training
National Asphalt Pavement Association
Asphalt Institute webinars (also R18LabQMS)
Geoprofessional Business Association CoMET
PCI Certification

Do you take advantage of these resources, or are there others that you are aware of? This newsletter can also be viewed as a blog post on our website, please use the comment section there to share those with the testing community.

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