Our Mission

At Lab Quality Solutions our mission is to be an advocate for increased quality in the construction materials testing industry. We provide direct guidance to our clients, as well as helpful tips and resources to the industry in general. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media where we highlight different quality initiatives that can increase efficiency and quality in your lab.

Accreditation Assistance

We investigate, perform corrective action, and document quality incidents, customer complaints, non-conforming work, low proficiency sample ratings, and assessment findings

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Calibration Review

We review all in-house verification and external calibration procedures and records for compliance with quality standards

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Document Control

We develop a documented quality management system with a quality manual, operating procedures, and forms for proper record keeping


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Technician Evaluation

We develop an in-house technician training and competency evaluation program for your scope of testing

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Internal Auditing

We perform on-site evaluations to measure how well your lab is fulfilling the requirements of your quality system manual and various published quality standards


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Technician Certification

We proctor written and performance examinations for external certification to meet requirements of ASTM quality systems C1077, C1093, D3666, D3740, and E329

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Continuous Improvement

Effective lab operating procedures ensure that customer, agency, and accreditation requirements are all met, so that fewer costly deficiencies exist that need correction.

Whether you are a client or not, we applaud your efforts to spend the necessary resources on your quality system. When labs have efficient procedures, documented in a robust quality management system,  performed by trained employees it reduces or eliminates rework and errors that consume further resources to correct. Visit our Cost of Quality page to see how spending resources on quality is always paid back with interest.

Next Steps...

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